The alarm sounded at 2.00am. We dragged our weary selves out of bed, organised our bags and headed to Dublin Airport for our 6.00am flight. Now, let me tell you, Dublin Airport is the most impressive airport in terms of technology and efficiency.  Similar to Qantas’s domestic terminal at Sydney Airport, there was self-service check-in, … Continue reading Pisa-Colada!

Great Britain Road Trip

Mikes the man from Europcar who upgraded us from our shitty ass Ford Focus to the ocean blue Mini Cooper. We left London around 3.00pm on July 31st and made our way to Stonehenge. After a 3-hour journey, we arrived and, Holy crap, it was impressive! We surveyed the area for about an hour or … Continue reading Great Britain Road Trip

London Calling

We knew we had hit London (and Great Britain in general) after touching down at Luton Airport. There was no sign of sun, and instead a thick blanket of grey cloud covered the city (and let’s be honest, the rest of the country as well, well at least for our stay anyway). The weather was … Continue reading London Calling

Barca Baby!

After a long but comfortable 24 hours in Business Class (thank you Emirates) we finally arrived in Barcelona. Although being a long haul flight, jet lag hadn't hit us yet and we were excited to explore the town. We planned to stay with a friend, Dora, whom we had only communicated over WhatsApp while we were … Continue reading Barca Baby!

See you later Sydney!

With only one month to go before we fly out on our epic European adventure, Sav and I are busy packing up our lives in the big smoke and preparing all the required travel essentials. From bags and accessories, and more importantly, travel documentation, everything is slowly coming together. It feels so surreal leaving our nine … Continue reading See you later Sydney!