See you later Sydney!

With only one month to go before we fly out on our epic European adventure, Sav and I are busy packing up our lives in the big smoke and preparing all the required travel essentials.Β From bags and accessories, and more importantly, travel documentation, everything is slowly coming together.

It feels so surreal leaving our nine to five jobs,family and friends to embark on an overseas adventure, not knowing who we will meet, what we will encounter, and when we will return to the land of Oz. More importantly (we get so emotional just thinking about it), we will be leaving our fur-baby Wiggly behind. However, this is our once in a life time opportunity to discover this crazy world we live in, and we’re going to seize every moment.

The biggest ticket item we’re currently (and excitedly) putting together; our destination list! What are your suggestions?


B&S xx


One thought on “See you later Sydney!

    Seize the opportunity and see it all! Safe travels guys.
    Love you both
    Chrissy xxx


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