London Calling

We knew we had hit London (and Great Britain in general) after touching down at Luton Airport. There was no sign of sun, and instead a thick blanket of grey cloud covered the city (and let’s be honest, the rest of the country as well, well at least for our stay anyway). The weather was drastically different from that in Barcelona and as we were not dressed appropriately for London’s so called “summer”, we found ourselves reaching for our jumpers before disembarking the plane.

Palace of Westminster

Now, you can probably sense that I am not the biggest fan of cold, gloomy weather and right now, as I write this post, we are driving through the countryside of The Republic of Ireland in the rain! Just madness! We haven’t been able to escape the gloominess! Nonetheless, London was very picturesque and we had a blast over the 6 days spent there.

Having walked an average of 15 km’s per day or for those of you who count steps, 25K in Barcelona (yes, very keen tourists indeed), we decided to give our exhausted legs a rest and explore London via the iconic red double decker buses. Probably one of the smartest decisions we’ve made, we were able to see London at its finest.

Buckingham Palace
Delicious smoothie from Borough markets

Over the six days, we managed to see and learn about St Paul’s Cathedral, Shakespeare’s Globe, Borough Market, Tower of London, Tower Bridge, The River Thames, Charing Cross Road, Trafalgar Square, London Eye, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Abbey Road Studios, Hyde Park, Kensington Palace, Portobello Road and The British Museum. I can’t forget to mention the array of English pubs that we visited. From the hanging flower baskets to the scores of tourists that lined the bars, I can’t imagine how many pints of beer have been consumed over the past 300 odd years. Did I mention the delicious black pudding!? YUM!

Tower Bridge
Quaint houses along Portobello Rd
More houses along Portobello Rd
Sav out front of the Abbey Rd Shop
Abbey Rd Street Art
Kensington Gardens
Kensington Palace
The Angelic Pub

On one of the nights we went to dinner with VS, Tomas and Vera (whom we met on our honeymoon in the Philippines), and Gustavo, Dora’s partner. We dined at Pizza East in Shoreditch and later headed out to Old School Records, a bar not too far down the road. It was there where we met up with Tanim, SJ and Wilfred to enjoy a few more drinks and a little bit of a dance.

On our last night in London town, we reunited with the “Maccas Gang” and a few other friends at the Mayflower, a pub on the Thames. We enjoyed a few pints, dinner (sadly missed out on the Sunday roast), and continued the night on at Skylight Bar.

The boys at Skylight
Luke and Hannah at Skylight Bar


The gang (and a few randoms) at Skylight bar

Overall, I’d have to say that the highlight of the trip was learning about the history of London and how the Thames helped shape the town. Yes, I am quite upset that Queen Elizabeth, Prince William and Kate Middleton weren’t available to meet as the Savney travel schedule did not accommodate any free time for tea, cucumber sandwiches and scones. Perhaps on our  the next visit we can coordinate something. Oh, and before I forget, we feasted on a delicious Sundanese falafel wrap whilst at the Portobello markets. Look out Australia, there is a special Sudanese sauce coming your way!


Britt x



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