The alarm sounded at 2.00am. We dragged our weary selves out of bed, organised our bags and headed to Dublin Airport for our 6.00am flight. Now, let me tell you, Dublin Airport is the most impressive airport in terms of technology and efficiency.  Similar to Qantas’s domestic terminal at Sydney Airport, there was self-service check-in, and wait for it, self-service bag drop! SAY WHAT! Now, I am no aero junkie, but I have never seen an international airport with self-service bag drop. There was no waiting in long ques to manually check in at a counter, nor were there any embarrassing moments having to unpack and repack all of your luggage in front of a large crowd to meet very specific weight restrictions being ordered at you by one of the many airline staff members. It was truly blissful. Moving onto security check, whilst still very thorough, the process was seamless, only taking several minutes to complete. That was it – in under 30 minutes we were all checked in and ready to board. Now you may think I am a tad bit obsessive with airports and their efficiencies, but it was hands down the best airport experience I have ever had. Some of you are probably thinking, “Brittany, it’s a 6.00am flight, of course there are going to be no delays”, but no, it wasn’t due to time at all. Thank you, Air Lingus, for an amazing experience from start to end.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

After our 2-hour flight we landed in Pisa, Italy. There should have been a sign at the airport (and now that I think of it, the same sign should be in every Italian airport) that read “Welcome to the country of never ending carbs and creamy sweets”. All I can say is that pizza, pasta and gelato were on rotation during our three weeks in Italy. It was food heaven!

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

Pisa was our stop over on the way to the Amalfi Coast. We had a 2.00am train booked the following day, so we had all day and night to live it up in Pisa. Our first stop on the list was of course the very famous and unique Leaning Tower of Pisa. God damn was it impressive! Despite the VERY large crowds and queues of people waiting ever so patiently to stand on a concrete bollard to take their iconic photo of either a) leaning on the tower, b) pushing the tower or c) laying on the ground with their feet against the tower, we managed to grab a few snaps before heading off to the main strip for lunch. We found a quaint, traditional Italian takeaway restaurant where we dined on pizza and a nice, cold beer. Delish!

Masses of people capturing their iconic photos
Arno River

Soon after, we headed back out to the main strip for a wander before taking a rest in a nearby park. Booking a 2.00am train at the time sounded like a brilliant idea, however after our first pitstop and our nap in the park, it dawned upon us that we still had 11 more hours of exploring and eating to do before we could physically sleep and that booking a 2.00am train without having anywhere to rest before departure wasn’t such a good idea after all – #budgetlife #onasixmonthholiday #holiday falifetime #needtomakeafewsacrifices

Streets of Pisa
Beer time!
Roaming the streets of Pisa


With only one day in Pisa, we decided to make the most of it and head back to the Tower to grab a few more snaps. At around 7.00pm, after eating more than our body weight in pizza, pasta and gelato, we decided to head back to the hotel where our luggage had been stored for the day. We sat in foyer of the hotel for the next six and a half hours watching Italian movies with no English subtitles until we had to depart for the train station. #lessonlearnt #tiredasf*&k #sofullwecouldntmoveanyway #cardbloading #fatshits #allora

Next stop – Amalfi Coast.

Talk soon,

Britt xx

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